Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Can you pay me in some other way other than cash?

When you call in for a quote ask your buyer about our special vacation, donation or gift offers for this month.

Does my car need to have wheels to sell it?

Believe it or not, your car does not need to have wheels for us to offer you a great price for your car. Having wheels may add value to your car but some of our customers actually choose to keep their wheels and a little lower price for their junk car. However, please let us know ahead of time if your car does not have wheels so we can let the tow truck driver know ahead of time.

Do I need a title to sell my junk car?

We can sometimes purchase your junk car without a title or if we cannot purchase your junk car we can work with you to obtain a copy of your title. If your car is only being purchased to be re-sold as scrap metal we can often purchase without a title however, to get the most for your vehicle, give us a call and we will help you get a new title.

Do I need registration to sell my car?

We can purchase your junk car without registration is most cases. Some states do require registration or we can offer you a little less for your vehicle and we will take care of getting current registration. In any case, give our great junk car-buying agents a call and we will explain the process to you.

How do I get a new title?

Our agents can guide you through the process of getting a new title or check out our list of DMV offices near you. Some states will even allow you to apply for a new title online if you are having the title mailed to the original address. Of course, some situations are much more complicated. For example, if the car was owned by someone who is diseased, you will need to get a death certificate to apply for the title But no matter what your situation is, our agents can help.

How much is my junk car worth?

Lots of different factors go into determining the value of your car. Some older models are worth a lot of money just because of their components like airbags, tires, glass, etc. If your car is in really bad condition and is quite old then the heavier your car is the more value there is in the scrap metal.

Should I sell my junk car to a junkyard?

Junkyards can be a great place to sell your junk car if you know what you are doing. First, you will need to take your car to the junkyard or pay for the towing (sometimes towing costs more than your car is worth.) Then you have to make sure the junkyard is reputable and will properly dispose of your junk car. If you want to sell your car fast and easily, call one of our agents.

Should I donate my car?

Donating your car to a charity can sound great. You donate to a charity and supposedly get a tax deduction. However, it is not always that easy. First, you need to research the charity and make sure it is legitimate. Even if you are donating to a charity that you know, sometimes your charity with a contract with a junk car buyer to conduct the transaction, and that may significantly reduce the money your charity gets. We suggest that you sell your car to us and then just take the money you earn and donate it to your favorite charity.

How does car donation work?

When you donate your car to charity you either donate it to a charity that has an in-house car buying service or your charity will go through a junk car buyer. In either case, a lot of the proceeds from your junk car end up going to the junk car buyers. You may want to consider just selling your junk car and then donating the cash.

Can I really get a tax deduction if I donate my car?

Taking a tax deduction for a donated vehicle is called an "in kind" donation. The IRS has special rules for non-cash donations. Documentation showing the true value of your junk car is required and even then, if you do not itemize your taxes you may not be able to take a deduction. It is best to talk to your accountant if you plan on taking a deduction for a donated car.

Can I trust car donation services?

Every car donation service is different. Just like any charity, you should do your homework and check the internet to make sure the charity is reputable and at least 80% of your donation will actually to provide the promised services. Sometimes it is easier to just sell your junk car and then make a cash donation to a charity that you already know and trust.

What is the best way to donate my car to charity?

We may be biased, but we think the best way to donate your car to charity it to negotiate the best price for your vehicle from a car-buying service like us, then take all that cash you just got and hand it over to your favorite charity. Tax deductions are easier and you get to see the smile on your charity's face when you and over that great big check.

What is a Voucher?

Some car-buying services offer vacation or meal vouchers in place of some or all of the cash that they are offering. We do not offer vouchers because our customers have told us that they are not always able to find a use for the vouchers. If your car buyer is offering you a voucher, we suggest you tell them you only want folding money not a slip of paper.

How fast can you pick up my car?

We can usually pick up your vehicle the next day. The condition of your car and its location can impact how long it will take our tower to come to get your car. If your car does not have wheels or if the engine is seized, then we may need to send a special tow truck to handle those conditions. When you speak with our agents, they can give an exact time and date to expect the tow truck driver. Our goal is to make selling your junk car as easy as possible

How fast do I get paid?

We always hand you a check when we pick up your vehicle. If a car buying service is telling you that you have to wait for payment we suggest you consider finding another service. Once you sign the back of your title that car is no longer yours and if there is a problem getting paid you will have to take the car buyer to court. We tell our customers who get other bids to always demand payment before signing their title.

Will I get Cash?

As you can imagine, our tow truck drivers do not want to carry around a big wad of cash with them when they pick up junk cars. We make payment by check. We guarantee payment and you can cash the check we give you the same day receive it.

Will you pick up my car or truck?

We always provide free towing when we buy junk cars or trucks. The towing service alone can be worth $150 or more. So when you are comparing bids from junk car buyers in your area make sure you are getting a free tow or getting enough money to cover the cost of towing and still put some greenbacks in your pocket.

Do I have to be home when you pick up my car?

Our towers will ask that you be with the car when it is picked up. If it is not possible for you to be with the car when it is picked up we can make other arrangements. Sometimes if your car is in the shop we can arrange for pick up with your mechanic.

What if I change my mind?

You can change your mind at any time up until you sign the title over to us. Even if the tow truck driver has already shown up you can decide that you do not want to sell your car to us and cancel the transaction. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We will work with you to make sure you are thrilled with selling your junk car.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may cancel your sale at any time until you sign your title over to us. If you are dissatisfied with our server at any time during the transaction, just let us know by phone or email and we will do everything we can to resolve your issue.

Will you beat a competitor's offer?

We love to beat our competitors. Most of the time you will find that the first price we offer is better than prices you can get from competitors. Our large network of buyers and our expertise in dealing with junk, damaged or old cars and trucks allow us to offer highly competitive prices.

What do you do with my junk car?

What we do with your junk car depends on the condition, age, and location. In some areas and for some cars we can offer you the most money by finding a premium buyer who wants your car for its parts or wants to re-condition it. Some very old cars are in poor condition, and the best option is to sell the car for parts and scrap metal. We will work with you to find the best path to finding you the highest value for your junk car, truck, or RV.

How do I release liability for my junk car when I sell it?

Most states have a release of liability form that you can fill out and mail to your local DMV office. This form notifies your state that you have sold your car and that you no longer responsible for it if it is in an accident, receives tickets or goes through automated toll booths. If you have questions about filling out or sending in your release of liability form, our junk car buying experts will walk you through the process and help to make sure you file the form correctly.

Can I sell a flooded car?

Yes, we love flooded cars. Not all water-damaged cars are a complete loss and even cars that have been submerged up to the roof may still have salvageable parts. In rare cases, the only value in a flood-damaged car may be scrap metal and in that case, we can get you the possible for you scrap value of your car. Our car buyers will talk to you about the condition of your flooded car and help to get you the most money possible.

Can I sell a wrecked car?

Yes, you can sell a wrecked car. The value of your car will depend on the amount of damage, age, condition, and the value of the undamaged components. Our friendly junk car experts will take the time to review the condition of your car with you and get the most money for your wrecked car.

Can I sell a burned car?

Burned cars can be the most difficult to sell. Usually, all parts of the car are either impacted by the fire, the smoke, or the water used to put the fire out. Of course, your car always has scrap metal value and if some components like tires, windows, wheels, etc are not damaged they may add value to the car. Call our specialists they will work with you to get the most value for your fire-damaged car.

Can I sell a car with a smashed windshield?

Absolutely, your car likely has a lot of value beyond the smashed windshield. How much value depends on a lot of factors like age, condition, weight, if it is running, etc. Do not let a smashed windshield or even lots of shattered windows prevent you from selling your car. Our experts will figure out a way to get you the most for your junk car.

Can I sell a car that does not run?

We work with lots of buying partners to are not afraid of a car that will not run. These buyers will take your car and either sell it for parts or invest the money to make it run. Even if your call will not turn over, give our buyers a call and we will help you get the most for your junk non-running car.

Can I sell a car with broken transmission?

Transmissions are often the first major component of a junk car to wear out and they can cost more to replace than your car is worth. However, that does not mean that your car is worthless. We have lots of ways to extract value from a junk car, even one that has a broken or missing transmission.

Can I sell a car with flat tires?

When you are ready to sell your junk car, do not worry if all the tires are flat. Our tow truck drivers can still pick up and haul away your junk car even with four flat tires. You may be surprised how little flat tires reduce the value of your junk car. Contact us to find out what your car is worth.

How to sell my flooded car?

Selling a flooded car can be tricky. Many states require that the vehicle be identified as flood-damaged permanently on the title. Failure to do this could cause you liability for future sales. Make sure you sell your vehicle to a reputable buyer who will properly identify the vehicle as having been flooded.

How to sell my wrecked car?

First, if you have insurance negotiate with your insurance company to allow you to keep your car in its current condition after they pay out on your insurance claim. Often the insurance company will require that the title be re-issued as a "salvage" vehicle. Once you have your new title call us and describe the damage. We will get you the most money possible for your damaged junk car. If you do not have insurance, just give us a call and we can help make the pain of that accident feel a little better with some cash in your pocket.

How to sell my burned car?

Give us a call and tell our friendly agents about the extent of the burn damage. Be as complete as possible so we can give you the best price for your car. Then just make arrangements for a free tow, sign your title and take your check to the bank. We cannot un-burn your car but we can take the sting out with some cash in your wallet.

How to sell my car with a smashed windshield?

Smashed windows do not always reduce the value of your junk car. If your car is in bad condition it may end up being sold for scrap metal, in which case, the broken window will not impact the value of your vehicle. If we can find a buyer to take your car and recondition it, a new windshield is often figured into the reconditioning plan. Call our agents and describe the glass issue and we can get you a great price on your car.

How to sell my car that does not run?

Selling a car on your own that does not run can be difficult. Buyers are often wary of buying cars that they cannot start up and check out. We work with buyers who are experts in reconditioning cars and are accustomed to working with cars that will not start. Contact us and get a great quote on your non-running car.

How to sell my car with a broken transmission?

Broken transmissions are very expensive to replace and might impact the value of your junk car. But do not worry. We will buy your car no matter the condition. Sometimes what appears to be a useless transmission can be easily fixed so just because you car has a broken transmission does not mean it is worthless.

How to sell my car with flat tires?

Call our agents and let us know that you have flat tires. We will send a special tow truck that can pick up cars with flat or missing tires. Flat tires do not typically impact the value of a junk car very much unless your junk car has high-performance tires that would ordinarily add value. Be sure to let us know if there is an issue with your tires so we send the correct truck for the pickup and as always the pickup is free.

Will I get a receipt when I sell my junk car?

We will email a receipt to you for the sale of your vehicle after the tower picks up your car and hands you a payment. You may need the receipt to remove the car from your insurance for proof of non-liability. If you have any questions, just ask us when you call our friendly agents will answer all of your questions.

When will I get paid?

You will be handed a check by the tow truck driver when he picks up your car. We can also mail you your check if you are not able to be present when we pick up the vehicle. Never sign over your title without a check in hand or a firm promise of an immediate mailed payment, if you cannot be there to receive the check. Let us know if you need any special arrangements for payment.

Do I have to pay for towing?

Nope, towing is always free. We have even towed vehicles with no wheels (although we need a special truck to pick up a car without wheels.) Even if you lost your keys, our towers can still haul that old junk car out of your front yard so you can lan that garden you have always been planning.

Can you pick up my junk car from my mechanic?

Sometimes, you realize that your car is not worth fixing after it is already at the shop and it is in such bad shape that you cannot drive it home. Just give our agents all the information and we will arrange with your mechanic to pick up the car at his shop. We can hand a check made out to you to the mechanic or if you can meet us we can put the check in your hand... hopefully you will not have to give too much of your windfall to your mechanic.

Do I have to remove the fluids from my junk car?

One the great things about selling your junk car to Rusty's Auto Salvage is that we take care of everything. You can leave all your fluids in your vehicle, no need to deal with disposing of toxic stuff like oil, antifreeze, brake fluid etc. Our tow truck drivers will check out your car to make sure it is safe to tow and then they will hand you a check and drive off into the sunset.

Can you buy a hail-damaged car.?

Mother nature can be very hard on cars. A strong hail storm can smash your windows, dent your hood and generally turn a decent car into junk. Please describe the damage to us in as much detail as possible (you can even send us a photo) and we will quote you the best price on your car even hail did a number on it.

What documents do I need to sell my junk car.?

We can buy cars without titles in some states. However, we can offer more money if you have your title in hand. If you need to replace your title visit one of the DMV offices listed on this page or call us and we can help you through the process. In some cases, we will also need your registration. If you are just selling your car for the value of the scrap metal then registration is not usually needed.

Do I have to pay to haul my car away.?

No, we always pay for towing. Be sure to ask other buyers if they are also providing free towing when you get other quotes. We will handle all the scheduling with the tower and follow up with you to make sure everything went smoothly after your car was picked up. Even if your car does not run we can still tow it away.

What if I do not have keys?

If you are selling your car for the scrap value then missing keys will not impact the amount that we can offer. However, if your car is in better condition we may be able to find a buyer for it. In that case not having keys will impact the value however, we can certainly purchase and tow away your car even if it does not have keys.

Can I sell my car if I do not have my registration.?

As long as you have the title we can buy cars in most states without registration. Give us a call to be sure we can buy your car and as always, towing is free.

Do you sell auto parts?

We act as a broker. We purchase your car and then use our extensive network of junkyards and buyers to re-sell your vehicle So we do not collect parts from the cars that we buy. Therefore we do not sell any auto parts.

How can I find out what my car is worth.?

Several elements go into determining the value of your car. If you have an older car in poor condition then the biggest factor is the weight of your car. If your car is in decent condition then things like condition, mileage, and the value of salvageable parts become very important.

I just put in a new battery will that add to the value of my car?

Please tell us about all the new parts of your car. While a new battery may not add a whole lot of value, if you have also added other new parts we will take all that into the condition and try to get you the most money possible for your car.

How fast can I get paid?

You will be handed payment by the tow truck driver when your car is picked up and you have signed over the title. We can usually get cars picked up within 48 hours. So you can have a check to deposit in your account in less than two days from the time you call us with a request for a pickup.

Will you buy a car with a frozen motor.?

We buy cars all the time with bad engines. No matter what the cause of the engine failure we can still buy your car, often for more money than you expect. Describe what you think is wrong with your engine sometimes problems that you think may be huge may not be all that bad and we can get you more for your junk car than you first expected.

Do I have to describe everything that is wrong with my car.?

No, we are just looking to learn about the major issues with your vehicle. We understand that all older cars have issues. So don't worry if you forget to mention a problem with your car, we are just looking for a description of the biggest problems. The better you can describe your car the better job we can do finding you the best price possible.

What can I do to increase the value of my Junk Car?

The best thing you can do is to have the proper paperwork on hand. Having the title and the registration can increase the value of your car. If you need help getting either, let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

What are common Junk Car Scams?

Most junkyards and online buyers are reputable however, there are a few things to watch out for. Never accept less than the amount quoted when the tower shows up. There have been reports of towers pressuring sellers to take lower amounts once the tow truck arrives. Also never accept payment for more than the quoted amount with a request to give the tower back money to make up the difference. Finally, make sure to send your notice of release of liability when you sell your vehicle. If you have questions about any of this, give us a call.

What do I need to sell a junk car?

In order to get the highest cash amount for your junk car it is best if you have a clean title for your vehicle. If you are missing the title or registration, don't worry our car-buying experts can still make an offer for your junk car and if needed we can help you get a title for your vehicle.

Will I get a receipt when I sell my junk car?

We will email a receipt to you for the sale of your vehicle after the tower picks up your car and hands you a payment. You may need the receipt to remove the car from your insurance to for proof of non-liability. If you have any questions, just ask us when you call our friendly agents will answer all of your questions.

at materials do I need to sell a warn down car?

The best way to get the most money for your old car is to make sure it has the proper title or registration. However, even If you don't have any of those documents you can still sell your car by asking one of our skilled employees to help you get a title. If you do not wish to get a title for your vehicle, don't worry you can still sell your car to us at a lower price.

Does my car need a title to be sold?

You can get the most value for your car if it has a title, but it's really a case-by-case basis. If we are only buying your car for scrap metal no title is necessary. If your specific car needs a title and doesn't have it, we are happy to help you get one in order to receive a better price for your car.


Does my car need registration in order to be sold?

We can usually buy your car with or without registration. Sometimes we have to get registration because of state laws which, in turn, will decrease the money we get, but that shouldn't stop you from selling us your car. At the end of the day, registration will get you a better price but is not necessary to complete a sale.

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How do I receive a new title for my vehicle?

There are three main ways to get a title for your car. 1.) Our skilled agents can assist you in the process fo getting a new title 2.)Our employees can investigate the DMV locations assessable to you 3.)In some cases, you can have a new title mailed to your address Certain situations call for other modes of action, but whatever the problem, our agents are able to assist you.


How much money can I get for my car?

Many components go into deciding the price of a car. For one, it depends on what the car is going to be used for. If your car is in really bad shape, then it will most likely be used as scrap metal. In this case the heavier your car the more money you will get. If you have a car in moderate condition then attributes like airbags, tires, and glass will add to the value of your car. The money you receive really depends on what you bring us, but regardless of the status of your car, we can offer you a great price.

Will a junkyard take my old car?

Although selling your car to a junkyard is a viable option, it is probably not the best option. The hardest thing about giving your car to a junkyard is transportation. The towing alone often costs more than the value of the car itself. Junkyards also don't always dispose of the car correctly which can cause other problems. If you want a quick and easy way to sell your car, your best bet is to contact one of our agents.

Are vouchers more valuable than cash?

Vouchers are pieces of paper that represent specific vacation plans and meal certificates. While many other buying services offer them, we do not because actual money has proven to be more useful to our customers and allows them to have more freedom with their profits. If you ever have the choice between cash and a voucher we suggest you go with cash.

If my car battery is old will that decrease its value?

Ultimately the newer the car the better offer you will get for it. That being said, just because you have an old battery doesn't mean that the rest of your car is old. Make sure to explicitly inform us of all the new parts your car has. One old part like an old battery, won't drastically change the value of your car, but A lot of new parts will. Regardless the age of your car, we will give you the best offer for what you give us.

What are some good strategies for getting a good deal for my car?

One of the best strategies is to come prepared. The value of your junk car can skyrocket by just providing the proper paperwork. If your car has a title and registration it is automatically more valuable and will sell for more. If you don't have these documents, don't worry our agents can help you.

Is donating my old car a good option for me?

Giving to charity seems like the perfect idea because it helps people and you supposedly get a tax deduction but in reality, it's not the best option. If you really want to donate to charity the best option is to sell your car to us and use the money you get to give to the charity of your choice. This option will ensure that your favorite charity gets the most money possible for your donation.

What is the process for donating my car?

There are two main types of charities that will take your car. Some charities have an in-house car-buying service while others have to go through a junk car buyer. Unfortintiy when you donate your car to charity, most of the money ends up in the junk car buyers' hands, instead of people in need. If you want to help out your favorite charity most effectively, you should consider calling us instead and using the money you obtain to directly donate.


Are services that accept car donations trustworthy?

All Car donation services vary in integrity. This is why you must research to make sure your money is going toward the right services. If you don't want to take the risk you can sell your car to us and use your profit to directly donate to the charity of your choice.

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How can I give my old car to charity most effectively?

In all honesty, the best way to get the most money for your charity is to sell your vehicle to a car-buying service like us. This way, you can give money directly to your charity in person. You don't need to worry about what percentage your charity is actually receiving because you have all the power. Another bonus is that you'll get a higher tax deduction.


How long will it take you to get my car?

We value your time, so we try to be as quick as possible with our pickup time. That being said, the condition and location of your car can affect the speed at which it is picked up. For example, if your car is not mobile we have to send a special kind of tow truck, which can take more time. If you want to know the exact pickup time for your car our agent would be happy to give you the exact time. Our main concern is making sure you get the most money for your car without it becoming a hassle.

How long should I wait till I get paid for my car?

We give you the money right after we take the car. This avoids any possible confusion and ensures that you get the money you were promised. If there is ever an instance where a car buying service doesn't give you your money up front we advise you to take your business elsewhere. Once you sign the back of your title, your car is no longer yours and you are no longer entitled to your money. This is why we give you your money right away because we value out customers.

Do I get to choose the way I receive my money?

We want to make sure that our customers feel good about their profits, but we also don't want our tow truck drivers to be carrying big wads of cash. This is why we guarantee payment with a nice big check. This ensures that you get the money you deserve and you can even cash it the very same day!

What is the pickup situation and how much is it?

One of the benefits of our car-buying service is that we can guarantee free towing for any vehicle you wish to sell. Free towing is a luxury because it usually adds up to a minimum of $150. This is why we like to lift the burden and provide our customers with a bigger profit from their sales.

Do I need to be present while my car is being picked up?

We usually prefer your presence during your car pick-up time, but if that is not possible don't worry we will do everything in our power to accommodate you. If you can't be there, one of our agents will help you make other arrangements. If it's easier we can even pick your car up from your mechanic. We want this process to be as painless as possible.

What if I get cold feet?

You have the liberty to change your mind up until the very last second before you sign the title over to us. We want you to feel fully comfortable and confident in selling your junk car. This is should not be a high-pressure situation so we encourage you to take your time and only sell when you are ready.

What if I'm unsatisfied with your service?

We never want you to feel unsatisfied or cheated by our service. If you feel like you have been wronged, we will go to great lengths to fix the situation. We pride ourselves on a 100% satisfaction rate and we plan on keeping that percentage. If you have any problems at all don't hesitate to call or email us with your concerns. We aim to please.

How are you compared to other car-selling services?

We don't want to toot our own horn, but we truly believe that our large network of buyers and superior knowledge of junk car dealing, allow us to offer you the highest price possible. If you don't believe us look for yourself and you will find that we offer you more than our competitors. With us, you don't have to deal with vouchers, outrageous towing fees, or the fear of being cheated. All you will have to deal with is how much money you'll get from using our services.

what happens to my car after I give it to you?

In best case scenario, we find a premium buyer who wants your car for its parts or wants to fix it up for themselves. This is the most opportune option because it generates the most profit for you. If your car is in really bad shape to the point of no return the most efficient get rid of it while making money is to sell the car for parts and scrap metal. At the end of the day, all we want is to find you the highest value.

How do I hand over legal ownership of my junk car?

It's as simple as filling out a state-provided liability form and mailing it to your local DMV. This is necessary to relieve you of future responsibility related to the car such as accidents, parking tickets ext. If you have any trouble with this process we are happy to assist you, just give us a call.

is the transportation of my car an added fee?

With us, you never have to worry about having to pay a towing fee. We are happy to take your junk cr off your hands even if it's a real clunker. No obstacle is too big for us, whether your car has no windows, keys or even, wheels. We like to make the process go as smoothly as humanly possible so you don't have to worry. Just sit back and make some money!

What should I do if my car is at the mechanic's?

If your car is at the mechanics and is past the point of return you can call one of our lovely agents and provide them with all the necessary information to pick up your car in your mechanics shop. The destination of the check is up to you. We can give it to the mechanic. We meet you there and give it to you. Or we can even email you the check. No matter the process your money will find its way to you. If you have any hesitation, just give us a call.

How do I know if junkyards or online buyers are scamming me?

Here are the red flags to watch out for 1.)If a tower tries to convince you to accept a lower price than you originally agreed on. 2.)If a tower offers you more than the quoted amount and asks you to make up the difference. 3.)If they don't request a release of liability when you sell your vehicle.

do you sell parts for my car?

We do not sell auto parts because we are only the middleman. We buy your car and then use our resources to locate junkyards and buyers to get you the most money possible. We want all our energy to be focused on selling your car.

If my car doesn't have wheels is it still eligible to be sold?

If your car doesn't have wheels it's no problem just make sure to let us know so we can inform the tow truck. Although wheels do increase the money you will get for your car, many of our customers still choose to keep their wheels despite the slight deduction. It is totally up to you, we will take your car either way!

can I sell a car with severe water damage?

Of course! We can always find something salvageable, even if your car is filled to the brim with water. Even if your car is to damaged to find parts, we can always use it for scrap metal. TOur trained agents will help you figure out your best options and evaluate the worth of your car.

I crashed my car into a building is it salvageable?

While the value of your car may not be as high as it was a pre-car wreck, we can still definitely get you some money for it. It all depends on the amount of damage and the original condition of your car. Worst case scenario we can sell it as scrap metal and you still walk home with a nice check.

My car is engulfed in flames can I still sell it?

We won't lie to you, you are probably not going to get a great deal of money because most of the parts from your car are most likely damaged from the fire. But don't fret, when all else fails you can still sell your car as scrap metal. In spite of this, you still might be able to salvage a few parts like the tires, windows, and wheels. Our agents will make sure that you get the most money for what you have.

My car has no windows or doors is it still worth anything?

For sure! there is more to a car than windows and doors. Every other part of your car is still worth money, potentially a lot of money. Even though your car looks worthless you never know what hides under the surface. There are many other factors that go into the value of a car like age, condition, and weight. Doors and windows may be necessary for driving but not for selling.

Do I need any documents to sell my junk car?

If you want max cash for your junk car, you should provide a valid driver's license, title, and registration. Rusty's is always happy to help you get your hands on any missing papers. All you have to do is call us up and tell us a little bit about your situation. We'll have you on your way to a junk car sale in no time.

Can I sell my car if it's missing an integral component?

If your car is missing a door, some wheels, a radiator, or brakes, we'll still buy it. Sure, your junk car may be worth more if it's fully intact, but you'll be surprised by how much we'll offer on a junk car that's not complete. We want your junk car if it does not run, or if there is only half of it left. We want it so badly that we'll tow for free!

Is it possible to sell a junk car without a title?

When you're trying to sell a junk car, the best-case scenario is that you've got a title. If you don't have one, however, there are still situations that may allow us to purchase the vehicle regardless. Give us a call to find out if we can purchase your car, and if we can't, we'll help you get your hands on a brand-new title.

Is it necessary to have a registration to sell my junk car?

Rusty's will buy your junk car regardless. In most cases, it's possible to buy a junk car even if the registration isn't attainable. In the cases where this isn't possible, Rusty's will help you get a copy of your registration. It's not as complicated as you think. Rusty helps people get proper documentation all the time. Simply call us and ask for help!

If I need a new title what do I do?

We're always happy to help potential customers figure out their junk car problems. If we're not able to buy your junk car with the amount of paperwork that you can provide, we'll assist you in getting hold of the right documents. This applies to the title, registration, and license requirements. We've dealt with the DMV many times, and we're always happy to offer tips, tricks, and even alternatives.

Can I get a decent amount of cash for my junk car?

Your car is most likely worth a lot more than you think. There are a lot of different factors that go into figuring out the value of a junk car. The weight, metal content, and composition are all determining factors. You'll be surprised by how much an old, heavily used junk car can be worth to a recycler like us.

Is selling to a junkyard a good idea?

If you've got a relationship with a local junkyard and you know that they're not going to cheat you, then selling to them can be a great option. For most of us, working in a junkyard is a dangerous challenge to embark upon. It's better for the majority of people to work with a reputable company with lots of good reviews. Luckily for you, we share our reviews right on our website!

Can I turn my junk car sale into a donation?

Donating your car sounds a lot easier than it is. There's a lot of paperwork involved, and you've got to choose a charity, too. It's worth it, though, if you're interested in the huge tax write-off that it'll get you. Best of all, when you work with Rusty's, we'll help you with all of the paperwork. It's not such a time-consuming project after all! We make it easy to do the right thing.

Is it really that easy to donate my junk car?

It is rare to find a charity that can process the donation of a junk car themselves. If you want to donate your junk car to a charity, your best option is to work with a junk car buyer that knows what they're doing. Rusty's will take care of all of the details so that you and your chosen charity can benefit.

Can anyone get a tax deduction when they donate a junk car?

If you choose to arrange a tax deduction for your junk car donation, you should check with an accountant first to make sure that you'll be able to accept it. The IRS has special rules which determine who can and who can't accept a tax deduction when they donate their junk car. If you can't accept a deduction, Rusty's can still help you donate your junk car.

What's the most trustworthy way to sell a junk car?

Donating the cash value of your junk car is easy and safe when you sell through a junk car recycler like us. You'll get a quote on your junk vehicle, and you'll receive a confirmation when the charity has received your cash. This way, you'll rest assured that the sale went smoothly. Donating through a recycler like us means that you're doing something good for the environment, too!

Are there any better ways to donate a junk car?

Donating through a junk car service is so great for you and for the charity because neither party has to bother themselves with nitty-gritty details such as how much the car's worth, what paperwork needs to be filled out, and most importantly what to do with the vehicle. Charities don't want a physical car donation. They just want cash, and we'll help you turn your car into a cash donation.

Get Extra Cash Fast

Have you been looking through your house for things you can sell to make some extra cash? Go ahead and take a look outside your window, do you see your junk car sitting on the street? You can sell your junk car and get cash fast. All you need to do is call us and answer a few simple questions about your car. Then our professional agents will give you a top-dollar quote. If the quote sounds reasonable to you, then you can schedule a time for the tow truck to come and pick up your junk car. It does not matter where you're located. We work with tow truck drivers from all over the country. 

What Happens After You Call

Once you call us, our agents will ask you a few questions about your junk car so they can give you the correct quote. They will ask you questions about the condition of the car. They might ask what the body of the car looks like or if there is any damage on the inside of the car. Our agents might ask about the engine of the car to know if it can be driven or not. We will also want to know if the car is missing any parts like tires, windows, doors, or mirrors. In general, our agents are trying to determine how much your car is worth, so the more information you can give the better. After this information is given to our agents, they will be able to calculate your quote. If your car is still drivable we will reach out to our nationwide network of buyers, these buyers are sometimes looking for specific parts or new projects to work on. If your car is not drivable then we will sell it for scrap metal. In these situations the larger the car is the more cash we will be able to give you. Larger cars have more metal and are worth more.  After the quote is determined, you work with the agent to schedule a time for your car to be towed away. We can tow your car from anywhere. We can tow the car from your house or even from your mechanic’s shop. As soon as the tow truck driver arrives, you will fill out some paperwork and then he will hand you a check for the exact amount of the quote. We will never try to haggle with you at the last minute or pay you less than what you are owed. Once you have the check you can access the funds immediately. 

Important Documents

There are a few documents that you will need in order to go through with the sale. We recommend that you have a copy of your title and registration. We can offer you a much higher quote if you have these documents. If you do not have a copy of the tile or the registration you can always ask the DMV to mail you a new copy. If you have any questions about getting copies of the documents from the DMV, you can always call one of our representatives.

Who Buys Junk Cars?

You have lots of options when selling a junk car. You can sell to a private party through Craig's list or drive your car to a salvage yard. The easiest option is to contact Rusty's Auto Salvage 24/7 and get a quote. We will even come to you and pick up your vehicle for free.



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