Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

Free Junk Car Removal

We Will Remove Your Junk Car For FREE & Pay Cash On The Spot.

Do you have an old junk car that you’re ready to say goodbye to? Did you know you can get it hauled away from your property, and get cash on the spot for it, too? How, you ask? By calling Rusty’s Auto Salvage at 1-866-439-4401.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve tried to sell a junk car in the past, you likely found out what a hassle it can be. If your car won’t start or can’t be driven in its current condition, private buyers generally aren’t interested in it. They’re looking for something that’s in good, functional condition: not something that won’t turn over when you put the key in the ignition.

Meanwhile, scrap yards and junk yards can be a real hassle to deal with. Why? Well, for one thing, they tend to offer you very little money for your vehicle. The ones that do offer you a decent amount, though, will tack on extra fees. In the end, you may not receive all that much cash for your junk car. While a scrap yard offers you a decent amount up front, they end up paying you very little because of the extra, hidden fees that they charge you. Your best bet is to call Rusty’s Auto Salvage: we pay top dollar for junk cars, tow them away for free, and never charge hidden fees.

At Rusty’s Auto Salvage, we recognize that many of our competitors offer free junk car removal. But much fewer offer free junk car removal and cash on the spot. Rusty's offers free vehicle removal and top-dollar on the spot, immediately upon retrieving your vehicle. If you own an old or outdated car, truck, van or SUV which requires removal, and you could use a few extra dollars, feel free to call Rusty's now and a vehicle valuation specialist will provide you with a competitive quote for your junk car in only a few minutes.

Your automobile does not need to be running or drivable to get top-dollar. Every vehicle, regardless of condition, has substantial value inherently due to the materials used to make it. Due to this value, we are able to not only tow your car away to a local salvage yard completely free, but our towers will also pay you cash for the opportunity to scrap your car.

Rusty's has built a nationwide reputation for honest, fast and reliable service. Our extensive network of towers cover nearly every corner of the United States. Upon receiving and accepting our offer you will have the opportunity to set an appointment for your vehicle's removal regardless of location, at your convenience in respect to your schedule. In most cases but dependent upon specifics of your junk car, you do not even have to be present at the time of pick-up, or junk car removal. We can make payment arrangements which suit your needs. We always pay top competitive rates and can often remove your car that same day if you call early enough in the day to schedule.

How to schedule your free removal

  1. Get an instant quote by calling 1-866-439-4401

  2. Set up an appointment with your local tower.

  3. Our tower will pay you cash on the spot.

  4. We will tow the junk car away to our local junkyard FREE of charge.

You do not have to be at your junk car at the time of pickup and or junk car removal - alternative payment methods can be arranged. Arrangements for junk cars without keys and/or titles can usually be accommodated per request.

Junk Cars can be recycled!

Rusty’s Auto Salvage will recycle your car so that your roadrunner has a second chance at life. We are an auto salvage company that can take apart cars for steel, precious metals, and plastic. It will rust if you just take it to a junkyard. You can make it almost entirely reused by selling your car to an auto salvage business.

Steel is the most common material in your car, and it is easy to recycle. The steel from your automobile can be used for construction, manufacturing, and even to create new cars. Steel isn't the only metal found in your car. The vehicle's body is made of aluminum or other easily recyclable materials.

The engine's parts are valuable, as well as the precious metals in certain components. You will find platinum, palladium, and rhodium in the catalytic converter. You shouldn't try to find them yourself. Only an expert can extract them, without destroying the metals. Recycle your car and you can reuse those metals in another vehicle. This saves the planet from having to rely on invasive mining.

Your tires are another valuable part of your vehicle. Tires can be resold whole if they are in good condition. Sometimes, a junk car will also have junk wheels. The tires can either be remade or used in another product. Recycling tires is a great way to help the environment since rubber can often be made synthetically from oil.

Some parts of your car are not recyclable and must be disposed of as trash. These parts can contain contaminated liquids, dirt or other particles that can't be recycled. This is unlikely to be a large proportion of the vehicle's total size. Imagine being able to convert 98% of your truck into new materials and only having a small amount of waste. Amazing! It's the best way to recycle your car.

To get the best price for your car and the environment, consider selling it to an auto recycling company.

We will remove your junk car for free and pay cash on the spot.

Are you ready to part ways with an old junk car? You can have it removed from your property and receive cash right away. You may be wondering how? Call Rusty’s Auto Salvage at 1-866-439-4401.

The thing is, if you have ever tried to sell a junk vehicle in the past you will know how difficult it can be. Private buyers won't buy your junk car if it doesn't turn on or isn't safe to drive. Private buyers are looking for something in good and functional condition. It should not be a car that doesn't start when you turn the key.

Scrap yards and junk yards can prove to be quite a hassle. Why? They tend to offer very little for your vehicle. However, the ones that offer you a good deal will charge additional fees. You may not get all the cash you need for your junk car. A scrap yard may offer you a good amount upfront, but they will end up charging you extra fees. Rusty’s Auto Salvage is your best option. We pay top dollar to junk cars and tow them away free of charge.

Rusty's Auto Salvage recognizes that not all competitors offer junk car removal. Fewer companies offer cash on the spot and free junk car removal. Rusty’s offers vehicle removal free of charge and top-dollar immediately after you retrieve your vehicle. Rusty’s offers free vehicle removal for any old or damaged car, truck, van, or SUV. A specialist in vehicle valuation will give you a quote on your junk car within a matter of minutes.

To get the best price for your automobile, it doesn't have to be in good running condition. Every vehicle has a significant value regardless of its condition. This is due to the quality of the materials that went into making it. We are able to tow your vehicle to a local salvage yard for free. Our towers will also pay cash to you to scrap your car.

Rusty's is known for its honesty, reliability and speed of service. The vast network of towers we have in the United States covers nearly all corners of the country. After you accept our offer, you can set up a time for your vehicle to be removed from any location at your convenience. Depending on the junk car you have, you don't even need to be there at pick-up or removal. We can arrange payment arrangements that suit your needs. If you call us early enough, we can usually remove your car the same day.

How to schedule your complimentary removal

  1. Call 1- 866-439-4401 to get an instant quote

  2. Make an appointment with your local tower.

  3. Cash will be paid to you immediately by our tower

  4. We will free of charge to tow your junk car to the local junkyard.

It doesn't matter if you are not present at the junk car to pick it up or remove it. Other payment options can be arranged. On request, arrangements can be made for junk cars that do not have keys or titles.

Junk Car sellers know that the prices have risen. This is also true if you are trying to purchase a used or new car. There seems to be fewer vehicles available online than there are on-site. The reason is a global shortage of microchip production. This shortage could have a significant impact on the economy in many vital industries over the next few years.

A microchip is a computer chip that controls every electronic device. This includes not only cars but also cell phones and medical devices as well as many other electronic devices. Microchips are in high demand because technology is becoming more common for everyday activities. They are also time-consuming and costly to make, so there is a high chance of a shortage.

The shortage started last year. Automakers underestimated the demand for cars as covid restrictions were relaxed. In Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, there have been worker shortages due to increased covid cases from the delta variant. The result has been a 21-week waiting period for orders, which has caused a bottleneck effect at top of the supply chain. Automakers depend on multiple microchips per vehicle and have exhausted their stockpiles.

This is affecting the automotive industry in a major way. Profit predictions have plummeted for 2021, and will continue to fall for many years.Bloomberg reports global automakers will produce 7.7 million fewer vehicles this year due to the chip crisis.The Washington Post reported that Intel's chief executive, Pat Gelsinger said he expected the shortage to continue until 2023. Others predict that the shortage will continue until 2023. According to Seraph Consulting, the shortage could result in a loss of $450 billion by 2022 for the global automaker sector.

For the past few months, companies such as Ford or General Motors have had to suspend production for several weeks due to the shortage. Ford earlier this month reported that US sales decreased by 33% in August, compared to August last year.

The US has seen a decline in the number of cars available for purchase due to the shortage of microchips. The combination of a smaller supply and high demand results in a rise in prices. This is why the record-breaking average car cost of $43,355 in 2021 was achieved.

These reports might sound dim but they are a great opportunity to sell junk or used cars. It is best to sell used cars when there is little supply so that you can get the highest price. This can last several months so if you have multiple cars to sell, now is a good time to put them all up for sale.

Rustys Auto Salvage is available to help you sell junk and older cars that are parked in your driveway. You can call Rustys Auto Salvage to get a top-of-the-market quote and schedule a time for the tow truck to arrive. Then, wait to be paid cash.


OMG. All stress was removed when I found Rusty's. No low ball, no wait and see, just great and polite customer service personnel. I was done in a short time, with a GREAT price and next day removal. Thank you…

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The service was excellent. Everything was quick and easy

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Rusty's Auto Salvage picked up my 2001 Toyota Camry. They gave me a great offer and picked up my car a couple of days later. They worked around my schedule and are very professional. I totally recommend this company!

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