Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

About Us

Sell Rusty's Your Junk, wrecked or broken car Today & Contribute to a Cleaner Tomorrow

Selling a junk car used to be a real hassle. In the past, there were a handful of options, none of them easy. If you were stuck with an old, beat up, rusted out junk car, you could try to sell it through a print or online classified ad. Unfortunately, most private buyers aren’t interested in junk cars. So, more often than not, trying to sell a clunker this way would just result in calls and emails from scammers. Dealerships are even less interested, and offer next to nothing for junk cars (if they offer anything at all).

Meanwhile, junk yards and scrap yards can be challenging to work with. Some of them offer terrible customer service. A lot of them are out to scam you. Even if they’re not trying to scam you, they typically offer very little for your junk car, and frequently charge last minute, hidden fees. They might even make you pay for towing. In the end, trying to sell a junk car on your own was quite a challenge. That is, until we started Rusty’s Auto Salvage, and made selling your junk car easy! Find out for yourself just how simply selling a junk car really is: call us at 866-439-4401.

For years Rusty's Auto Salvage has been removing "end of life" vehicles, more commonly known as junk or wrecked cars nationwide. We promptly remove junk & scrap vehicles to partner locations across the 50 United States who safely part out, scrap and/or recycle vehicles in an environmentally safe manner. With millions of cars reaching the end of their life each year, the environmental impact is potentially devastating to local land and water sources. Safely removing and disposing of these vehicles is key to a cleaner, greener future. Because each junk, damaged or wrecked vehicle has a value as parts or scrap we can offer you cash and free removal. Though rare, late model total loss vehicles can have values as high as $10,000 or more. In fact, later model foreign and domestic cars can be worth a lot more than you think. By enticing you to sell us your junk car we can each profit while contributing to a cleaner tomorrow.

Using Rusty's is Simple

Unlike most Cash for Junk Cars businesses we do not make you go through the hassle of driving the vehicle to an inspection point. Instead simply call us on the phone for a live quote. Describe the condition of your vehicle and we will give you a top dollar offer right over the phone. It's that simple.

Reliable, Fast Free Towing

Our towers are trustworthy and reliable. Not only are they swift to remove your junk car, they are generally quite punctual. We only dispatch reputable towers from your local area to pick up your vehicle. These representatives will pay you cash on the spot for your car and tow it away free of charge. We have gone to great lengths to make this process as simple, smooth and reliable as possible. It quite literally will only take minutes out of your day for the quote and a short time later your junk car will be on its way to a local auto salvage yard or junk yard with barely any effort on your part. Oh and having a full pocket after we leave isn't so bad either. So give us a call and sell your junk car today!

How Much is My Junk Car Worth?

We all want to get the most for our junk cars but how much can you really expect to get paid by a junkyard or salvage yard.  Lots of places off cash for junk cars including your local junkyards.  What company you decide to sell you car to can make a huge difference in how much mony you ultimately receive.

A few important factors go into the value placed on a junk vehicle.

  1. Just because your car does not run does not mean it is worthless.  Your car has lots of valuable components that junkyards are willing to pay for.  The most important component is the steel and aluminum that make up most of the car.  As you may have heard, steel prices are going up and with them junk car values are also rising.
  2. Condition.  Not all old cars are junk.  Even if you have a blown head gasket, no brakes or other serious problems there may be buyers who are interested in buying your car, fixing it up and reselling it.  We specialize in finding those buyers.  So even if you think your car is a clunker, let our experts let you know what it is really worth.
  3. Some parts are worth more than others.  Even a 10 year old broken down car can have lots of valuable airbags and other re-useable components.
  4. Finally weight, most of your car's value is in its scrap metal.  So you old broken down boat of a car may be worth some real money. 

Even though your car has steel, air bags and other valuable parts, you should be realistic about its value.  Just because you have seen your car offered for sale for lots of money on a site like Craig's list does not mean you car is really worth alot.  Most truly Junk cars sell for around $200.00.  We often offer alot more than that but if you have a very old rust bucket that does not run and it needs to be towed away for free, you should expect an offer in the $100 to $400 range.

There are a few things you can do to get the most for your car.  Firs make sure you have the title.  Some states allow us to buy junk cars without a title but they can only be purchased for scrap metal.  So if you want to hope we can find a buyer who will re-condition and re-sell your car, make sure you have the title and that it is in your name and does not have any leins showing on the title.


What Junkyards Buy Junk Cars Near Me?

We are working on directory of lcoal junk car buyers that we know and trust and will be publishing that list soon. In the mean time use to find junkyard that by junk cars in your area. 

Keep in mind that most junkyards are only going to pay the scrap value for your car.  However, we specialize in finding buyers who make a living from reconditioning junk cars for re-sale.  So before you sell your car to a junkyard give us a call and get a quick quote over the phone so you can have a strong offer in hand before you go to your local junkyard.

So if you are thinking, "how can I find a junkyard near me that buys junk cars," remember that Rustys Auto Salvage can by nationwide and provide you with a quick quote that will help you even if you decide to sell to a junkyard.  Also, Rustys provides free towing and we take care of all the DMV paperwork.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by a Car Buyer or Junkyard?

Unfortunately getting the best prive for your junk car requires some basic caution on your side.  Your car has some value to someone, the trick is finding that person and making sure they are reputable.  Here a few things to watch out for.

  1. Never sign over your title until you have been paid.  If the buyer is not reputable then you may want to insist on cash.
  2. Never accept a check or money order for more than the sales price of your car.  There is a common scam where someone will make you a high offer on your car and then explain that they have a pre-filled cashier's check and all you need to do is deposit the check and give them back the extra cash.  You should consider reporting any requests like this to the authorities.
  3. Carefully describe the condition of your car when getting an offer over then phone then, do not accept less when the buyer shows up.  You can always walk away and find another buyer.  If you call us first, you can know that you have a firm backup offer.
  4. Do not pay for towing unless you have an agreement ahead of time.
  5. Be wary of vacation, restaurant or other coupons in leiu of cash.
  6. Watch out for donation services that promise a large tax deductions.  Deduction "in kind" donations from your taxes is complicated and may not be worth what you think it is.  Lots of people prefer to get cash for their junk car then make a donation directly to the charity of their choice if they want to donate to charity.
  7. Finally, trust your gut, if you feel like you are getting the run around or if the buyer is trying to confuse you, just walk away.

We think the easiest and safest way to sell you junk car is to call us for a quick quote.

More than a fair price for my vehicle. Everything went just as they said it would. Quick and easy. I will definitely be using again and recommending to all my friends.

Brad - Kansas City, KS

I was very happy with Rustys Auto Salvage. The whole process was easy & very quick. I called one day & the very next day my car was picked up. Everyone I spoke with was very pleasant and helpful all…

K.Brickner - Waterloo, IA

OMG. All stress was removed when I found Rusty's. No low ball, no wait and see, just great and polite customer service personnel. I was done in a short time, with a GREAT price and next day removal. Thank you…

Andrea - Hilo, HI

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