Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

Sell Your Junk Car Now

Cash for junk cars

Is there an old, beat up, broken down, rusty vehicle collecting dust in your garage? Do you have a couple of junk cars sitting in your front yard, taking up valuable space? You’re not alone: lots of people have junk cars that they’re ready to get rid of. If you have an old clunker that you’re pouring money into for repairs, now’s the time to stop. When the cost of repairs for a vehicle actually exceeds its value, your best bet is to get rid of it, get cash for it, and put that cash towards a newer, more reliable vehicle.

When you’re ready to sell your junk car, you might be tempted to try selling it via an online classified ad, or to a dealership. Unfortunately, neither of these options tends to be successful: private buyers aren’t interested in junk cars, and neither are dealerships. And, if they are interested, they usually offer you practically nothing for your junk car. Meanwhile, you end up wasting valuable time that you’ll never get back.

Instead of wasting time and energy, make things easy on yourself: call the best junk car buyer in the industry, Rusty’s Auto Salvage. We offer exceptional customer service, and we pay top dollar for junk cars like yours. Ready to learn more? Call us at 866-439-4401.

Why should you give away your junk car for free removal when it's worth a whole lot more? Rusty's has built a reputation across America for offering customers high monetary values for their vehicles, and in addition: free removal. It doesn’t pay to have someone, or a company to tow your car away just because it doesn't run anymore, can't drive or is falling apart. Your junk car is worth money, LOTS of money in many cases, so you should consider selling your vehicle for cash instead.

Rusty's Auto Salvage will come to your Junk Car's location, pay you cash on the spot and then remove it from it’s location free of charge. Goodbye junk car, hello cash! The process with Rusty’s Auto Salvage is quite literally that simple.

The quickest and most efficient way to begin the sale is to contact one of our vehicle valuation specialists, who will provide you with a no-obligation free quote. This brief consultation only takes approximately three minutes during which our specialist will gather information regarding your vehicle, to make an offer for your junk car. Once you accept the offer we begin the process of scheduling the pick-up and sale of your junk car. It's simply that simple.

To sell your junk car...

  1. Get an instant quote by calling 1-866-439-4401
  2. Set up an appointment at your convenience with your local tower.
  3. Our tower will pay you cash immediately upon taking the vehicle.
  4. Our team will tow the junk car away to our local junkyard complimentary, with no additional charge.

You are not required to be with the vehicle at the time of pickup - alternative payment methods can be established with our specialists. Arrangements for junk cars without keys and/or titles can usually be accommodated on a case by case basis.

Rusty's Auto Salvage pays cash for junk cars, high-mileage cars, damaged, wrecked or just plain worn out old cars as well as junk vans, trucks and SUV's. Junk, salvage cars absolutely do NOT have to be running for you to get good cash. The towing and removal part of the process is always fast, free & arranged to fit your schedule based upon what you have established.

National network of towers
nationwide junk car removal

Our national network of towers will come to your vehicle's location, pay you cash in hand and tow the vehicle free of charge to our local junkyard or auto salvage yard for environmentally safe auto recycling. At Rusty’s Auto Salvage, we always pay top dollar and can usually remove your junk car that same day if you call before 5PM local time. The amount of cash is on individual basis which depends on the condition of the vehicle and whether or not we salvage, junk or scrap your car . Call Rusty’s now for a quote, it takes less than 3 minutes, and sell your junk car today.

Is Your Car Model-Year 2000 or Newer?

Cash for Cars

Is Your Car Model-Year 2000 or Newer?

Cars which are model year 2000 or newer are in high demand. This means we can pay you more for your car -- MUCH more than you might think! Call us today to see how much your car is worth and get our absolutely best offer for your vehicle. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Is Your Car Model-Year 2000 or Newer?

Yeah, I really appreciated the good service. It was really convenient and fast. I think I got a good rate for my car, :)

Vincent - Rio Rancho, NM

Greatfriendly. place to get rid of that old car. They pay Top Dollar and are very

Tim - Bridgeport, CT

Rustys Auto Salvage made getting rid of my car easy. They told me how much I could get for it, came and picked it up, and dropped the check - simple and easy! I would call them again and definitely…

pageprop2 - Rochester, NH

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