Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

Texas Cities

These are the cities where we buy the most junk cars in Texas. 

The great state of Texas has lots of cities where we buy and sell junk cars but the towns listed below are where buy most of our cars.  These tend to be smaller towns and cities outside the major metropolitain areas of Houston and Dallas.  We offer great prices all over Texas and the cities listed here are no exception.  We will buy you junk car or truck in any condition, provide free towing and haul away your junk car for free.  Just give us a call and get a quote in under 9 minutes.

We can offer you the most for you car if you have the title in hand.  If you just cannot remember where you put that title or if your dog ate your junk car title then you can always apply for a new car title at the Texas DMV.  Here are some quick instructions for replacing the you title in Texas:

  1. Fill out an application for a a cetified title copy, that if form VTR-34.
  2. Take your driver's license with your to the nearest DMV location (you can find a list of DMV locations on this page.) or make a copy of you Texas DL if you are mailing in your application.
  3. Send in either $2.00 if you are applying by mai or $5.00 if you are applying in person.
  4. If you do not want to deal with this process youself you can always sign a limited power of attorney and have someone else go the DMV to apply for your title for you.
We are often asked if we will buy a car that is not running, or is missing wheels.  The answer is yes, we work with partners that can find value in just about any vehicle.  Sometimes a car that is not running can be fixed and reconditioned by someone who specializes in your year make an model.  Other time our partners are willing to pay a high price just for some the pieces of your junk car like the air bags or seats (but we will buy the whole car and tow it away for free.)  So no matter what the condition, give us a call, descrive your car and we will make you a great offer.

round Rock
college Station
wichita Falls

Should you try fix your flood damaged car or junk it?

Texas residents are all too familiar with everything from a tropical storm to a full fledged hurricane. Either weather event can drop enough rain, flood streets and cause creeks and rivers to overflow. Inevitably cars can bear the brunt of flooded streets resulting in thousands of flood damaged cars overnight.

Before we consider if you should repair or sell your damaged car let’s talk a little about cars and flood safety. First, the last place you want to be during a flood is in your car. So when officials in Texas warn you to stay off the streets please do not drive. Second, do not drive through puddles that cross the road. Often these puddles start our very shallow but get deep in a hurry. Most flood related deaths are caused by people thinking they can drive through a flooded street then the car dies mid way through and next thing you know the driver is up to their neck in flood water. So first and foremost be safe.

Now that you have survived the flood and your home and possessions are safe, you walk out to get in your car and find that there is water on the floorboards. So obviously your car has gotten some water in it, the water must have risen above the bottom of the doors. The first question to consider is how high did the water get. If it only reached the bottom of the door and left a few inches of water you can probably just replace the carpets and be ok. So check for water lines, inside or outside the car. If the water got your seats wet you are problem ready for a new car. If it reached the bottom of the windows you have probably gotten water into the engine compartment and into the wiring so it is definately time to call a junk car buyer. If you got flooded with ocean water or brackish delta water, then forget about it, time to check your insurance policy and call Rusty’s Auto Salvage.

Lots of people ask us what we do with flooded cars. First thing we do is to make sure the title is clearly marked that the car has flood damaged. Second thing we often do is to load the car on a trailer with other flooded cars and move the to a location outside the flooded area (but usually not outside the state.) We do not do this to hide the fact that your car was flooded but we can get more for your car if the whole area is not 1) recovering from a flood and 2) not in an area where lots of people are trying to sell flooded cars. The more we think we can get for your car, the more we can pay you. So give a us a call, describe the flood damage and we will make you the best offer we can then you can decide if you want to fix or junk that flooded car.

They gave me a fair price and picked up my vehicle on the scheduled time.

John - North Charleston, SC


RAPOSO8790 - Bismarck, ND

They offerd the best price, quick and easy.. Id use them again. Picked up the car right on time and helped with my plates. Very good!

Ash - Bozeman, MT

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