Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

Is My Local Junkyard Open On the Weekend?

If you’re the not-so-proud owner of a junk car, chances are good that you’re ready to sell it. And, when you’re ready to sell, the last thing you want to do is hold onto your vehicle any longer than you absolutely have to. There’s a problem for many people, though. They work throughout the week, which means they can’t take their clunker to a junk yard in the middle of a weekday. They’re also not able to wait around at home on a weekday for a tow truck driver to arrive and haul away their junk car.


If you’re in this situation, you might be wondering: what are my options? Is there a local junkyard that’s open on the weekend? And, if so, how do you find it so that you can sell your junk car?


Junkyard operating hours


Unfortunately, the reality is that most junkyards simply don’t operate on the weekend. It’s incredibly difficult to find a local junk car buyer that can get you a sizeable amount of cash for your junk car on a Saturday or a Sunday. This can make it difficult for many buyers to actually get around to selling their junk car (at least, without having to take a day off from work to make it happen). Fortunately, Rusty’s Auto Salvage does offer certain kinds of weekend services to our customers.


Call us anytime, any day of the week, 24/7


At Rusty’s, we understand that our customers have busy schedules that can make it difficult to arrange the sale of their junk car during what most people consider to be “standard” business hours. That’s why we have customer service representatives standing by anytime to take your call.


Whether it’s early in the day, late at night, or even a Sunday, you can call Rusty’s anytime at 866-439-4401. One of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will take your call. They’ll ask you for some basic information about your vehicle, and they’ll use the information they gather to put together a custom, guaranteed quote for your junk car. Once they have everything ready to go, they’ll offer you a price for your vehicle over the phone. If you agree to the price we quote, we’ll then set up a time to come and pick up your vehicle free of charge. That’s right: our towing services are completely free for our customers, no matter where you’re located!


That said, we may even be able to offer weekend towing in some parts of the country. Thanks to the fact that Rusty’s is a national junk car buyer, we have access to a national network of towing companies. Some of these companies operate on the weekend, which means that there’s a chance that we can arrange to tow your vehicle on a Saturday or Sunday if it’s absolutely necessary.

Are you ready to sell your junk car? Rusty’s Auto Salvage is prepared to pay you cash for it today, and we may even be able to offer weekend service in your area. Visit our website or give us a call at 866-439-4401 to learn more.

RUSTY AUTO SALVAGE were very helpful with excellent Customer Service Reps!

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Rust';s Auto Salvage is the only place to call to sell your csr no mstter the condition. This is my second time calling them and I was completely happy with their service, professional attitude, and the price they gave me…

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