Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

How to Find a Junkyard Near Me That Buys Junk Cars

Ever tried to sell a junk car? It’s not exactly the easiest task in the world. In fact, it can take quite a bit of time to accomplish. If you opt to go the online route, you’ll have a lot to do: taking photos of your vehicle, posting an online classified ad, sifting through dozens of spam emails trying to find the ones that are from real buyers, and more. You could end up going to a lot of trouble, and never actually selling your junk car.

Rather than looking to sell their junk car to a private buyer via the Internet, some junk car sellers try to contact local dealerships to find out if they’re interested. Unfortunately, most dealerships aren’t going to offer you anything for your junk car. They’re just not interested. The reason is simple: junk cars aren’t the kinds of vehicles that dealerships want. After all, their customers don’t come to their auto lot looking for a car that refuses to run, or that’s covered in rust.

Private buyers and dealerships both present major problems for junk car sellers. Why put yourself through all of this trouble when you can just sell your vehicle to a junkyard instead?

Of course, before you can sell your old clunker to a junkyard, you’ll need to actually find one. You have two options when it comes to selling your junk car to a scrap yard: you can find a local company, or work with a national junk car buyer. Either way, here’s how to find a junkyard near you that buys junk cars.

How to Find a Local Junkyard

Years ago, finding a local junkyard would’ve meant pulling out the phone book or asking around for recommendations. Now, though, you have the Internet at your disposal.

To find a local junkyard, just run a web search for junkyards near you. You’ll likely turn up a ton of results. These local businesses will pay you cash for your junk car. Unlike private buyers, junkyards don’t involve weeks of back-and-forth communication in order to secure payment. And while dealerships generally aren’t interested in your junk car, most junkyards will happily take it off your hands no matter how beat up it is.

There’s just one problem with local junkyards: they’re not all what we’d call reputable businesses. And, some of them are absolutely scam artists. They’ll write you a check that doesn’t clear the bank, or try to change their offer on your junk car at the last possible second. What a nightmare! Fortunately, there’s a better option.

National Junk Car Buyers

No matter where you are in the U.S., Rusty’s Auto Salvage is ready to pay you cash for your junk car. We’re a national junk car buyer with an excellent reputation for top notch customer service. You can count on Rusty’s to pay top dollar for your vehicle. Visit our website to learn more and get a fast, free quote.

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