Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

Saint Paul, Minnesota Junkyards & Salvage Yards

Saint Paul - get rid of your junk car once and for all, your junk car could be worth thousands

What do people see when they drive by your house? Is it a beautifully manicured garden, or a huge eyesore? Junk cars are never pretty things to have sitting around your yard. When you let a car sit on your property, it changes the way that your neighbors think about you, and it’s there as a constant reminder of the money that you’re wasting. Rusty’s Auto Salvage can solve your junk car problem for you. Call us today at 866-439-4401 to get a free quote on your junk vehicle. Your junk car could be worth thousands of dollars in cash

Saint Paul can be a hard place to sell a junk car because there’s no one who’s interested in a car that doesn’t run. On top of this, the cost of living is steadily rising in Saint Paul, and that means that none of us can afford to keep a junk car on our hands in this city.

You could get thousands for your Saint Paul junk car

You may have convinced yourself, or let others convince you that your junk car is worthless. This isn’t true, and Rusty’s Auto Salvage wants you to know that you can make thousands off of a junk car even if it’s no longer road worthy. This is because when you sell a junk car to Rusty’s, we recycle it. It’s an environmentally friendly process that involves taking the car apart and using the metals and other components for other things. We’ve been operating in Saint Paul for several years now, and we know that we’re able to pay more than any other junk car buyers in the area.

Get the maximum amount of cash for your junk car today

Do you have a junk car that’s not running? All you need to have to be able to sell it to Rusty’s is a phone to call us on, and proof of ownership. Proof of ownership comes in the form of a title, which you acquired when you bought the car. If you’ve had the car for 10 years or more, you may have lost the title, but don’t worry about that! All you’re going to have to do is contact your local Minnesota DMV office to get another copy.

When you’re ready to sell, call us for your free quote at 866-439-4401.

Rusty'S Auto Salvage Is The Real Deal!

Give us a quick call at 866-439-4401 to get rid of our junk car fast. Replace the repair pains with a stack of cash! We are ready to help you to start the process today. You will receive a quick quote and we will set up an appointment to tow your vehicle for free. Get that junk car out of the way today! Call Rusty's Auto Salvage at 866-439-4401.

Where do I start if I need a new title?

Having a title for your junk car is the best way to ensure top dollar. It's not uncommon to lose track of your title after you've had a vehicle for 15 or 20 years, however. If you need a new title for your vehicle, the best place to start is at your closest DMV location. They should be able to get you a new copy in no time.

How soon can I receive payment?

You're in the right place if you need some quick cash. If you've got a junk car to sell, you could have hundreds or thousands of dollars within 24 hours. We'll give you a top quote on your junk car over the phone, and then we'll let you set up a removal appointment with our towing agency at which they'll tow your car and hand you payment straight away.

Does donating my car qualify me for a tax deduction?

Taking a tax deduction for a donated vehicle is called an "in kind" donation. The IRS has special rules for non-cash donations. Documentation showing the true value of your junk car is required and even then, if you do not itemize your taxes you may not be able to take a deduction. It is best to talk to your accountant if you plan on taking a deduction for a donated car.

Is there an extra cost for towing my car?

We provide totally free towing without sliding in any hidden fees as a way to recoup towing costs. Our free towing is simple. We do not charge one single cent for towing the vehicles that we buy.

How do I release liability for my junk car when I sell it?

Most states have a release of liability form that you can fill out and mail into your local DMV office. This is a form that tells your state that you have finally sold your junk car and are no longer responsible for it. That means if the car gets in to an accident or gets a ticket your are not liable for it. This is very important. If you have any questions about filling out this paperwork then you can go ahead and give us a call and we work hard to get that paperwork completed.

Are you able to tow my junk car at the time I am at work?

We do not have to meet you at your workplace. Wherever you would like to meet to sign over the papers and receive your payment is fine with us. But without either your mechanic or you being present then we will need to arrange a time that is possible for you or them to properly sign over the proper paperwork in exchange for your guaranteed payment.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Longitude Latitude Income/Household Population Elevation Land/Water
-93.073056 44.9286407 $0 753116 690.67 291.72 / 14.36
Longitude -93.073056
Latitude 44.9286407
Income/Household $0
Population 753116
Elevation 690.67
Land/Water 291.72 / 14.36

DMV Locations Near You:

Rustys Auto Salvage can pay you the most money if you have your title on hand when we pick up your car. If you need DMV paperwork find a Department of Motor Vehicles near your from the list below:

City Address Zip Phone
Saint Paul 2070 Cliff Rd 55122 (651) 688-1870
Saint Paul 4701 Highway 61 N 55110 (651) 429-8532
Saint Paul 445 Minnesota St Ste 190 55101 (651) 297-3298
Saint Paul 5400 Old Highway 8 55112 (651) 201-7900
Saint Paul 1110 Centre Pointe Curv 55120 (651) 201-7900
Saint Paul 2150 Radio Dr 55125 (651) 275-8600
Saint Paul 365 Como Ave 55103 (651) 282-2173
Saint Paul 425 Rice St 55103 (651) 292-9791
Saint Paul 803 Old Highway 8 NW 55112 (651) 638-2100
Saint Paul 3932 Cedar Grove Pkwy 55122 (651) 406-4764
Saint Paul 445 Minnesota St 55101 (651) 205-4141
Saint Paul 15026 Glazier Ave 55124 (952) 431-6770
Saint Paul 2737 Lexington Ave N 55113 (651) 792-7010
Saint Paul 1830 County Road B E 55109 (651) 249-2010

How to sign your Minnesota car title:

Review the images below for title signing instructions for your state. We make signing over your title easy. Just sign your name where the sample signatures are shown below. Please call our fiendly customer support staff if you have any questions.

Front of Title

Front of Title Minnesota

Back of Title

Back of Title for Minnesota

We Will Buy Your Car for Cash in Minnesota

Cash Paid for Junk Cars Near Saint Paul, Minnesota

Below are recent cash offers for junk cars from junkyards near you in Saint Paul. Conditions vary and every vehicle is different. Get a quote for your car in minutes by calling 1-866-439-4401

2006 Ford Econoline

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $850

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

Has Title: No Cash Offered: $770

2017 BMW X4

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $4,180

2000 Ford Ranger

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $675

2008 Nissan Quest

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $600

2011 Toyota Prius

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $1,750

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Great experience. Gave me double what local shops were offering. But mostly easy ... met them at car with title and they handed me a check. Done.

Joe - Rochester, MN

RUSTY AUTO SALVAGE were very helpful with excellent Customer Service Reps!

Mikki - Minneapolis, MN

I found them online and they made me a good offer for my junk car and did everything they they they said would, good deal.

Blas - Saint Paul, MN

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