Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

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Get rid of your junk car in Hagerstown

Are you tired of making trips back and forth between your house and the auto shop? If you’re becoming a regular at the mechanic, then it’s time to sell your junk car once and for all. All cars reach an age when they’re costing the owner way more than they should be paying in repairs. This is when you need to make the decision to sell. Lucky for you, Rusty’s Auto Salvage operates an amazing service in Hagerstown, and you can benefit from our program today. All you have to do is call 866-439-4401 and you could have thousands of dollars instead of that pesky, dirty junk car. Call us now and this could all happen in less than 24 hours if you’re in a rush.

Selling a junk car in Hagerstown used to be the source of a lot of stress and wasted money in, but we’ve seen those numbers go down since we started operating in the city. The difference between Rusty’s and other junk car buyers is that we’re completely customer focused. We think of all of the things that usually make selling a junk car so difficult, and take the pain away. We pay top dollar, and offer a lot of other nice perks for junk car sellers in Hagerstown.

We want your junk car

Among the obvious perk of making the most off of your junk car when you sell to Rusty’s, we also offer free towing to all of our customers. No matter what part of Hagerstown you call home, or what address your junk car stopped running at, we can be there quick to trade you cash and haul it away.

We also have some of the most incredible customer service around. We know that there are a lot of things to feel unsure about if you’re trying to sell a junk car on your own. When you work with Rusty’s, you’ll have access to our customer service representatives and their junk car expertise. They’re always happy to talk about junk car sales, and have a wealth of knowledge that you’ll surely benefit from.

Don’t let your junk car sit around and lose value. The longer it sits, the less it’s worth, and you might even be paying insurance on it. Get your hands on a hefty pile of cash today when you call Rusty’s.

Start the process today by calling 866-439-4401!

How Much Can You Get Paid For Your Junk Car?

Rusty's Auto Salvage has a solid reputation of paying from hundreds to thousands of dollars for junk cars in Silver Spring. We pay you with cash if possible or a check that you can deposit into your account upon receipt. Call us at 1-866-439-4401 so that we can get the process started and also arrange for free towing after you accept our generous top dollar offer.

A Few Questions Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money!

If you have a junk car that you would like to sell, give Rusty's Auto Salvage is the place to call. We don't need to know buy a few things about your junk vehicle in order to provide you with a quick maximum dollar quote. If you are in a hurry for cash, we might possibly be able to arrange for one of our tow truck operators to pick up your vehicle, collect signed copies of your title and registration and leave you hour cash. However, if for some reason you can't locate either of those documents, we will assist you with other options.

Does payment come quickly?

The payment will be handed over to you by our tow truck driver when your automobile is picked up and you have signed over the title. You will receive the payment usually within a period of 48 hours. You can have a check to deposit in your bank account in less than a couple of days from the time you've gotten in touch with us for a top dollar quote and a free pickup.

Would it be fine if I am unable to present my car keys?

So your car keys went missing? No worries, we will still purchase your clunker! You see, missing keys will not make an impact on the amount that we can give you. At Rusty's Auto Salvage, we have a special towing vehicle that can haul away cars that will not start. Call us today and see what we can do for you on a car with missing keys.

Will you still buy my car if its motor is stuck?

Yes, we will still buy your car even if the motor is stuck. Just give us a call and provide us with an honest info about your clunker, which includes the details when it last ran and what may have caused its breakdown. In any case, you will still get the highest quote even if you do not know why your clunker does not run anymore.

Silver Spring, Maryland

Longitude Latitude Income/Household Population Elevation Land/Water
-77.014632 39.048818 $0 282095 508 62.58 / 0.01
Longitude -77.014632
Latitude 39.048818
Income/Household $0
Population 282095
Elevation 508
Land/Water 62.58 / 0.01

DMV Locations Near You:

Rustys Auto Salvage can pay you the most money if you have your title on hand when we pick up your car. If you need DMV paperwork find a Department of Motor Vehicles near your from the list below:

City Address Zip Phone
Silver Spring 15740 Good Hope Rd 20905 (301) 879-2410
Silver Spring 8770 Georgia Ave 20910 (540) 318-7496
Silver Spring 11602 le Baron Ter 20902 (301) 326-2005
Silver Spring 1200 Blair Mill Rd 20910 (202) 247-8419
Silver Spring 8634 Colesville Rd 20910 (301) 589-7080

We Will Buy Your Car for Cash in Maryland

Cash Paid for Junk Cars Near Silver Spring, Maryland

Below are recent cash offers for junk cars from junkyards near you in Silver Spring. Conditions vary and every vehicle is different. Get a quote for your car in minutes by calling 1-866-439-4401

2009 Chevrolet HHR

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $520

2011 Buick Enclave

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $2,220

2015 Hyundai Sonata

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $1,950

2002 Volvo S60

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $540

2002 Lexus LS

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $505

2004 Toyota Sienna

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $875

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I called many places to take my toyota as salvage. This was the easiest one to deal with and the best offer on my car. GUARANTEED OVER THE PHONE. I had the check the day it was picked up. It…

Kelly - Gaithersburg, MD

great service,quick and very easy,hassle free ,thank you Rusty !!!

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