Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

Wilmington, Delaware Junkyards & Salvage Yards

Wilmington - your junk car is worth a lot of cash.

Quick cash for any Wilmington junk car

Most people are easily convinced that selling their junk car is going to take a lot of time and energy, so instead of making cash off of the car, they either pay someone to tow it away, or they just bring the car to the shop every week, spending hundreds. Are you one of these people? Maybe you’re convinced that no one in their right mind would want to give you cash for your junk vehicle.

The truth is that junk cars are very valuable if you know what to do with them. Rusty’s Auto Salvage is a certified junk car recycler in the Wilmington area. We make serious cash off of old and broken down vehicles. That includes yours! We do this by buying junk cars from people like you, and then carefully disassembling the entire car and selling the components for cash. Our process ensures that your old car doesn’t get sent to the landfill. All of its metals and other parts are going to be reused.

We service Wilmington, Delaware

Rusty’s is a nationwide business with locations in many, but not all cities. Wilmington is one of the lucky few to have a Rusty’s recycling location nearby, which means that we can service any address in the area. All you have to do is call us at 866-439-4401, and answer some simple questions about your junk vehicle. We’ll come by to tow your vehicle within a day. Does this sound way too good to be real? We know it does. That’s why we’ve included customer reviews at the bottom of the page. See for yourself how satisfied people have been after working with Rusty’s branches all across the country! Look good? Give us a call at 866-439-4401 and get started today.

What makes Rusty’s the best junk car buyer?

It’s pretty simple, Rusty’s Auto Salvage is the best in the business because we take care of our customers. We know that selling a junk car in Wilmington can cause a lot of stress because scams abound, and people are always trying to pay you less than what you want for your vehicle. Rusty’s will never do that. We know you’ve taken good care of your junk car, and it’s not your fault that it’s gotten old and started to fall apart. You deserve some cash, and we’re prepared to give it to you.

Call 866-439-4401 to get started selling your junk car.

We Have Not Heard Of A Better Way To Sell Your Junk Car

Give Rusty’s Auto Salvage a quick call today at 1-866-439-4401 so that we can give you a quote on what your vehicle is worth regardless to its condition. We will tow your vehicle away for free when you can make time in your schedule to meet with the tow truck operator to complete the sale transaction. Do not delay even one more day. Call us today.

We Have Not Heard Of A Better Way To Sell Your Junk Car

Give Rusty’s Auto Salvage a quick call today at 1-866-439-4401 so that we can give you a quote on what your vehicle is worth regardless to its condition. We will tow your vehicle away for free when you can make time in your schedule to meet with the tow truck operator to complete the sale transaction. Do not delay even one more day. Call us today.

Do you buy burnt vehicles?

We'll buy your junk car in any condition. If it's survived a massive fire, it may not be worth thousands, but it's still worth the minimal amount of time that it takes to sell in order to get some cash. Junk cars are usually worth between a couple hundred and many thousands of dollars, and the fact that yours has been in a fire won't affect that.

Can I sell my junk car even if it's totalled?

You can always sell your junk car even if it's totalled or missing parts. This is because we're going to recycle your junk car, so the fact that it doesn't run, or that it's falling apart makes no difference ot us. You don't even have to provide detailed information about the vehicle's damage. Just an overview will do!

When will I get paid?

You will be handed a check by the tow truck driver when he picks up your car. We can also mail you your check if you are not able to be present when we pick up the vehicle. Never sign over your title without a check in hand or a firm promise of immediate mailed payment, if you cannot be there to receive the check. Let us know if you need any special arrangements for payment.

How do you sell a junk car with missing parts?

Selling a car with missing parts can be hard. Most buyers want a car that's completely intact so that they can get the most out of it whether they're planning on driving it or taking it apart. We're not afraid to offer a quote on any car, even if it's incomplete. Just call us and tell us which parts are missing.

Can I sell a car that does not run?

We work with lots of buying partners to are not afraid of a car that will not run. These buyers will take your car and either sell it for parts or invest the money to make it run. Even if your call will not turn over, give our buyers a call and we will help you get the most for your junk non-running car.

What if I do not have keys?

If you are selling your car for the scrap value then missing keys will not impact the amount that we can offer. However if your car is in better condition we may be able to find a buyer for it. In that case not having keys will impact the value however, we can certainly purchase and tow away your car even if it does not have keys.

Do you buy totaled clunkers?

Yes. The value of your clunker will depend on the amount of condition, age and damage as well as the value of the undamaged parts. Our reliable clunker experts will take the time to review the condition of your automobile with you and get the most cash for your wrecked clunker.

What is the best way to sell a vehicle that does not run?

It can be difficult to sell a non running car by yourself. We can make it easy for you to earn top dollar and save money on towing expenses. We have a large network of car buyers that buy vehicles that do not run. Give us a call to get a fast top dollar quote today.

Can I get more money for my clunker in another state?

Junk car values do not typically vary between states. We do not recommend travelling in hopes of getting more value because it is not likely. Most clunkers hold a lot of value in scrap metals which do fluctuate in price. We keep track of scrap metal prices and sell clunker when they go up. This means we can give you top dollar for your vehicle.

Wilmington, Delaware

Longitude Latitude Income/Household Population Elevation Land/Water
-75.563305 39.761496 $0 215619 100 83.6 / 0.43
Longitude -75.563305
Latitude 39.761496
Income/Household $0
Population 215619
Elevation 100
Land/Water 83.6 / 0.43

DMV Locations Near You:

Rustys Auto Salvage can pay you the most money if you have your title on hand when we pick up your car. If you need DMV paperwork find a Department of Motor Vehicles near your from the list below:

City Address Zip Phone
Wilmington Wilmington, 19801 19801 (302) 434-3200

How to sign your Delaware car title:

Review the images below for title signing instructions for your state. We make signing over your title easy. Just sign your name where the sample signatures are shown below. Please call our fiendly customer support staff if you have any questions.

Front of Title

Front of Title Delaware

Back of Title

Back of Title for Delaware

We Will Buy Your Car for Cash in Delaware

Cash Paid for Junk Cars Near Wilmington, Delaware

Below are recent cash offers for junk cars from junkyards near you in Wilmington. Conditions vary and every vehicle is different. Get a quote for your car in minutes by calling 1-866-439-4401

2011 Kia Forte

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $530

2012 Toyota Corolla

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $1,320

2001 Ford Escape

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $640

2006 Kia Sedona

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $600

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $500

2010 Ford Transit Connect

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $665

Rusty's Auto Salvage was very prompt about their pick-up, calling before he came to pick up my van. I actually knew my driver and talked a bit while he was picking up my car. He had a check in hand…

Steve - Wilmington, DE

Great customer service and they were fast in getting my car.

Kelly - Wilmington, DE

I called via Phone. This was my 3rd phone call of the day looking for a good compensation price for my truck. They offered a good increase amount that took me my surprise. A little while later and representative called…

Miller - Newark, DE

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