Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

Newark, Delaware Junkyards & Salvage Yards

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then you need to focus on us and forget about trying to see if you might have luck getting paid more with a private buyer. Call us at 1-866-439-4401 so that we can make you a great deal that you cannot refuse. Sell your junk car to us in a simple and straightforward manner and still get paid top dollar.

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Rusty's Auto Salvage buys junk cars with precision and pride. We know exactly how to get the most value for any car regardless to its condition. That's why our customer service agents are able to offer quotes that range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Once you agree to our offer, we make the process even simpler because we tow for free after we set up a pick up time that is convenient for you to meet with our tow truck operator. After you turn over the proper paperwork and the keys, then you receive your guaranteed cash quote in your hands. That's why you don't want to make the mistake of selling your car anywhere else.

Can I receive maximum dollar for my severely flood damaged car?

Every junk car has worth to us. Even though your car has flood damage it may still be worth top dollar. Cars that are not running have value just as cars that have been wrecked or damaged in a natural disaster. We invite you to check and compare quotes because we know that we have the fastest and best system of buying junk cars.

Are you able to give me a document to show proof of sale?

This is a good question because we want you to know when your vehicle has been sold. We always email a receipt notifying you of the sale so that you can take the information and present it to your insurance company in case you have current insurance that needs to be cancelled. If for some reason you do not get your receipt then let us know right away so that we can reissue it as soon as possible. You are entitled to proof of sale.

What can I do to receive maximum cash for a junk car that has been totalled?

The best way to get maximum cash for a junk car is to sell it just like it is. You will not get more money for trying to repair or replace parts on the vehicle. That is just a waste of time and money. We pay the maximum cash possible for whatever your vehicle is worth. Totalled vehicles are made of valuable metals that have value.

Newark, Delaware

Longitude Latitude Income/Household Population Elevation Land/Water
-75.731625 39.674416 $0 138967 100 69.23 / 0.18
Longitude -75.731625
Latitude 39.674416
Income/Household $0
Population 138967
Elevation 100
Land/Water 69.23 / 0.18

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Cash Paid for Junk Cars Near Newark, Delaware

Below are recent cash offers for junk cars from junkyards near you in Newark. Conditions vary and every vehicle is different. Get a quote for your car in minutes by calling 1-866-439-4401

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $620

2014 Mazda CX-9

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $1,425

2009 Subaru Impreza

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $665

2003 Toyota Camry

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $655

2008 Toyota Rav4

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $2,055

2011 GMC Acadia

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $635

I called to sell my old non-working car to Rusty's Salvage Center and their customer service is great and were very understanding of my needs. They were on time the next day at the time we set up to pick…

Britt - Newark, DE

I called via Phone. This was my 3rd phone call of the day looking for a good compensation price for my truck. They offered a good increase amount that took me my surprise. A little while later and representative called…

Miller - Newark, DE

Great customer service and they were fast in getting my car.

Kelly - Wilmington, DE

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