Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000
Any Vehicle, Any Condition, Up To $10,000

Gales Ferry, Connecticut Junkyards & Salvage Yards

We Buy Junk Cars in Gales Ferry Connecticut. Sell Your Junk Car Today For Cash & Get Top Dollar + Free Removal.

Rusty's Auto Salvage has junkyards and salvage yards serving Gales Ferry Connecticut who pay cash for junk cars, high-mileage cars, damaged, wrecked or just plain worn out old cars as well as junk vans, trucks and SUVs. They don’t have to be running for you to get good cash. Our towers cover every corner of Gales Ferry and the surrounding area - Removal is always reliable, fast & FREE.

Our Gales Ferry towers will come to the location of your vehicle, pay you cash in hand and tow your vehicle free of charge to one of our junkyards or auto salvage yards. We pay top dollar in Gales Ferry CT and can usually remove the car that same day if you call before 5PM Connecticut time. The amount of cash we pay depends on the condition of the vehicle and whether or not we salvage, scrap or simply junk your car. Call Rusty’s now for a quote, it takes less than 3 minutes, and sell your junk car today.

Do You Finally Realize That You Need To Sell Your Junk Car?

Well, we understand. The process to get to this decision might have been a little difficult, but the process to selling your junk car will be a breeze. We understand how you reached your enough point with your junk car. It has been taking up space, and you have spent more money on repairs than you care to discuss. In fact, you might have exceeded what the car would ever be worth. A junk car can set you back. We are just so happy that you are ready to finally get rid of your junk car.

How can I legitimately sell or donate my junk vehicle?

You have the choice to donate or sell your vehicle for cash. Doing business with a reputable junk car recycler like us is the surest way to get a top dollar quote for your vehicle. If you decide to donate to charity then you will receive confirmation what the charity has received payment. Whether you donate to a charity or to a recycler you or doing something good. Both the environment and the charity will be better off.

What happens to my clunker after you buy it?

The answer to this query actually depends on the car's age, condition and location. In some states, we can offer you the most money for your car by finding a premium buyer who either wants your vehicle for its parts or wants to have it reconditioned. For cars who are very old and laden with damage, the best option would be to sell it for its scrap metal and parts. Call us and our agent will guide you in finding the highest value for your clunker.

What is my clunker's value?

A clunker's value depends on certain factors. For example, its make and condition can affect the price, so one needs to use the Kelley Blue Book to determine its true value. Older cars, despite their age and condition, can still be worth a lot of money. Call us today, get a quote, and you'll realize that your old auto is worth more than you think it is.

Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Longitude Latitude Income/Household Population Elevation Land/Water
-72.059486 41.440253 $65,050 6729 33 11.57 / 0.05
Longitude -72.059486
Latitude 41.440253
Income/Household $65,050
Population 6729
Elevation 33
Land/Water 11.57 / 0.05

We Will Buy Your Car for Cash in Connecticut

Cash Paid for Junk Cars Near Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Below are recent cash offers for junk cars from junkyards near you in Gales Ferry. Conditions vary and every vehicle is different. Get a quote for your car in minutes by calling 1-866-439-4401

2005 Ford Taurus

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $600

2003 Ford F150

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $715

2007 Toyota Camry

Has Title: Salvage Cash Offered: $850

2012 Dodge Charger

Has Title: No Cash Offered: $515

2011 Chrysler Town & Country

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $745

1984 Chevrolet Corvette

Has Title: Yes Cash Offered: $565

Greatfriendly. place to get rid of that old car. They pay Top Dollar and are very

Tim - Bridgeport, CT

I had just totaled my 1989 Ford Escort and had it towed to my place of business. Since the car was so old and so missed up, there was no sence in trying to get it fixed. I called up…

whtspoon - Hartford, CT

I personally had a great experience, there were no signs of them trying to get anything outa me, they provided the services they present. It was great, the tower came by helped me get the car out of the yard…

CJ - Stamford, CT

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